Using IOG’s proven suite of services, you will have access to the tools and expertise needed to help you achieve your goals. On-site access to high quality motion capture technology, IMU-based motion data analysis, PNOĒ’s metabolic analysis device, custom insole solutions, and more allows IOG to go beyond the traditional bike fit protocols and offer a tailored bike-fitting experience designed around you.


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3D Retül Bike Fit

$399 (single bike)
$599 (two bikes)

Leave IOG with a customized on-bike position designed around you.

Expert consultation with your IOG bike fit professional

Cycling-specific flexibility and functional strength assessment

Biomechanical analysis

Dynamic 3D data capture

Real-time recording of power output

Comprehensive digital reports of 2D and 3D body parameters and 3D bicycle fit coordinates

Includes follow-up appointment.


New Bike Purchase
Bike Fit

$449 (single bike)
Get fit before you buy!

Looking to buy a new bike? This service establishes your suitable position on a fully adjustable "fitbike" at IOG's studio. We then match that position to all aspects of your new bike – frame(s), contact points, crank length, etc. We will guide you through the buying process with confidence, offering expert, unbiased advice and consulting on geometry, components, and build, to ensure you only purchase what you need.

This service also includes a follow-up session with your new bike, to complete the process and ensure a perfect fit.


2D Basic Bike Fit

$200 (single bike)
A fit focused on riding position and frame/pedal/saddle/stem set-up. The basics of our 3D Retül Bike Fit without biomechanical and motion analysis.

1 hour consultation with your IOG bike fit professional

Riding position optimization – saddle height, setback, front end (stem, stack)

Shoe/cleat placement

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Retül Custom Insoles

Cycling-specific insoles that increase your comfort and stability on the bike.

Evaluation of current shoes, cleat position and foot structure

Full longitudinal arch capture for better weight distribution

Full customization to your feet and molding on-site



Real-time cardio-metabolic data that can be used to guide positional decisions, assess cardiovascular and pulmonary health, and optimize your training plan.

Portable and scientifically validated cardio-metabolic analysis

Full analysis using the breath-by-breath method, calculating all cardio-metabolic parameters in every breath cycle

Compare various positional options on the bike


LEOMO Motion Analysis

Couple the power of motion analysis with real world riding to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort.

Real-world ride with your IOG bike fit professional

Full video and motion analysis using LEOMO’s LVS video capture application (capturing you in motion on the bike at 120 to 240 frames per second) and TYPE-R motion sensor (tracking your movement via 5 nodes at 100 data points per second)

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Wiva Saddle Pressure Mapping

For a scientific approach to saddle trials, this system allows you to see precisely where your saddle pressure points are.

Full analysis of saddle pressure points using Wiva’s pressure mapping tool and application

Excellent for riders looking for a more comfortable saddle

Valuable for riders who have left/right imbalances and are symptomatic

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Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel

Optimize your position on the bike, with a full aero analysis from Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel technologies.

Aerodynamic analysis using green screen background and state of the art tech at IOG studio

Post-session report and advice to improve and optimize aerodynamics and efficiency on the bike

Ride race effort on a wahoo KICKR and view the CdA impacts of good v. bad postures

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STAC 3D Scanning

Evaluate your current position and future position with this technology that allows modeling of posture changes and equipment changes

Capturing scans of multiple positions

Professional report for best postures

Extremely time-efficient service that allows you to buy equipment with data-driven confidence

Compare CdA values for various positions


A Day with IOG

Inquire for pricing.
Your all-inclusive pass to IOG’s suite of services. The recommended fit package for riders of all levels who are focused on getting the very most out of their sport.

Complete 3D Retül Bike Fit – comprehensive bike fit with pre-fit assessment, bio-mechanical analysis, real-time data and power output. These are key drivers in determining optimal riding position

Retül (Fütbeds) Custom Insoles – customized to your feet and molded on-site

PNOĒ – portable and scientifically validated cardio-metabolic analysis

LEOMO – IMU (inertial measurement unit)-based motion analysis on a ride with your IOG bike fitter, utilizing highly precise sensors and video analysis tools

Wiva Saddle Pressure Mapping – real-time assessment of saddle pressure distribution

Aero Testing – using Bioracer and/or STAC technology